"Offering Kindness, Accountability, and Presence
as Nourishment to the Community."


My purpose is to recognize, bring consciousness, and guide you to

Your Expression
Your Power
Your Unique Truth

in your body and to remove any blockages or distractions in the way or along the way.


Asking the Needed Questions, Patience, Adventure, and Imagination are a few of the Gifts I offer in this process.


Three simple principles Nurture and Contain the work we do together.

You are a magnificently powerful King or Queen and descend from long lines of Kings and Queens

You have the innate ability to cleanly and elegantly hold and circulate your Energy in your Life and find your natural rhythm of giving and receiving

Your Faith in Life to support you is your Grounding

Individual Offerings

In-person Couples Embodiment Sessions

Young Men’s Mentoring

Young Men’s Accountability Groups

Mentoring for Parents

Ancestral Research

Gene Key / Human Design Readings

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