Play with these questions in your life and let me know the impact:

  • Is what I’m doing right now nourishing me and/or allowing me to nourish my community?
  • Is this leaking my energy?
  • Am I giving my power away, am I being conditioned?

Don’t be up for grabs, don’t give away your sovereignty as a human.

The below are practical suggestions to begin to make space from your possible technology addiction and discover what nourishes you:

1) Before you turn on your device in the morning commit to nourishing yourself deeply. Meaning spend XX amount of time doing your practice, go outside, etc — whatever nourishes you do it first thing and let nothing get in the way with that, especially your phone.

2) Everytime you go to the device have a specific intention, once you complete that intention, disengage from the device. Doing anything else is leaking your energy and possibly giving yourself up to being conditioned.

3) Turn off all notifications that aren’t essential.

4) Designate 3 times during the day to check your phone and respond to messages/email.

5) Turn off all social media (facebook, instagram, etc).

6) If you still need to be on social media because you have a business presence either:

  1. Hire a social media manager that takes care of postings for you.

  2. Produce and post and nourish the community with your message and ignore reading any feedback; meaning, ignore fantasy virtual feedback. The people that show up in your practice and who you work with are your feedback from the Life and are REAL.

7) Use plugins like News Eradicator on Facebook so you are demonstrating your selective ignorance and not getting swept up in the Dopamine hits of others. There is also a plugin called DF Tube for You Tube in Chrome that eliminates all the video recommendations.

8) Keep your phone in airplane mode, only until you need it (note the word need vs want). This will reduce your EMF exposure and break the addictive cycle to check your phone every 5 minutes.

9) Turn off location services on your phone, as that constantly broadcasts your GPS location and causes more communication between you and who knows and is unnecessary EMF unless you need to get somewhere and are using Google Maps for instance.

10) When working on your computer only have the windows that you need open. Meaning close everything else so there are no distractions so you can complete the original intention you set.

11) If you get lost down a rabbit hole when on a device, forgive yourself, commit that you’ll never do it again and go back to your original intention and complete it.

12) Use the Pomodoro technique anytime you are on a device.

What this means is that you put on a timer for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break after that 25 minutes. The one I like is Be Focused Pro — its available for phone and laptop. There is lots of research that suggests that if you work without giving yourself any kind of break (focused mode) your brain has no time to integrate its diffuse mode of thinking and so the balance of focus to diffuse will be off. This results in more time to solve a problem that may have been really obvious if you took the 5 minutes break and then came back to it.

13) Using a grounding pad, external keyboard and mouse when using your computer.

Computers generate a lot of electricity, EMF, etc and will fuck up the energetics of your body over time. By always grounding yourself the electricity has a way to flow out of your body rather than accumulating and causing excess heat, dampness, irritability and fatigue. Over time a grounding pad makes a huge difference.

Even better use your computer with an external keyboard and mouse. This gives you distance from touching your computer and be even less affected by the electricity.

Sleeping with a grounding pad is a good idea as well, especially if you are surrounded in a sea of wi-fi.

14) Turn your devices off by 6-7pm so you can transition into sleep.

15) Anytime you use your phone use earbuds with a wired connection — not bluetooth. And put your phone down away from you — do your best not to have your phone on your body and as far away as possible.

Note you need to buy the earbuds that are EMF safe.

16) When you look at a computer wear blue-blocking glasses.

There are two types. The one with the orange tint is used after the sun goes down. The one with little or no tint is used during the day. My understanding is that you still need to absorb blue light so if you use the one with orange tint all the time (these block more bluelight) you’ll not get the kind of light your eyes need for your body to stay health so you need to alternate between these two types of glasses.

Also remember that your Liver is connected to your Eyes in Chinese Medicine and protecting your Eyes and the light you absorb has a direct impact on the health of your Liver.

17) If you are using your device for reading/audiobooks/music and its nourishing you then great. Don’t beat yourself up for using your device for things that legitimately nourish you.

18) Use voice texts instead of emailing or written texts.

  1. You can feel the other person and it brings us back to some level of humanity.

  2. Its authentic and vulnerable and puts you more in the moment and prevents you from the incessant rewriting of your message to make it “perfect.”

  3. Its quicker and you end up spending less time on your phone

  4. You get to hear yourself talking to yourself and come to appreciate your voice and begin to develop clarity of how you communicate

19) For business owners: use Calendly or other appointment managers that integrate with your calendars directly, allow you to set the time frames for when you are available and allow your clients to schedule with you without having an email chain.

Whatever we are consuming we become and the way we consume is the way we do our Life.

If you are engaged in netflix, facebooking or and getting lost in Fantasy, you are part of the consumption and You are Being Consumed and fueling the killing of the Earth with your blatant disassociation from the Ground beneath your feet.

This non-culture is ungrounded in endless consumption that seeks to undermine your sanity and sovereignty as a human being.

Drop any addictions, embrace silence, nourish yourself and instead of consuming put some elegance in the way you lift up your spoon to eat that next bite of food.

Sharing my Loving Firmness,