Grounding Work

I intend to see you grounded in your body, embodying your power, and fully uncompromising in yourself.

Grounding is an inner body experience that you either feel or not. Its our touch stone of clarity that allows us to respond from our Love.

Very simply, and very generally…

Men, your Love is in your Cock and you ground in your Cock.

Women, your Love is in your Heart and you ground in Heart.

…and there is so much more to this and layer upon layer to explore…

In this Grounding Session, we use several insights from the Gene Key System as a starting point and allow the magic of you natural embodiment to lead us in the direction of in and down — ultimately allowing us to clearly recognize and empower your unique frequency of Grounding Into Yourself.

(Prior to your Grounding Session, and for those curious about this process, please watch the following video, follow the instructions I provide and then send me your written or audio response. Or not, if you feel you want everything as a surprise during our session, just show up and I’ll lead you through.) Click HERE to open the video.

Its too easy to hand our power over to the collective narrative, the conditioning of our families, the ancestral prejudices, the distractions, and the incessant pulls on our Energy to perform or be a certain way in our Life to please others.

Our deeply rooted insecurities and feelings of shame, inferiority or superiority are endless and undermine our grounding.

The ways we disconnect from ourselves by constantly attempting to compete against one another and hurl afar our vulnerabilities serves no purpose and only harms the Earth and ourselves in the process.

Let’s stop all this insanity and start with clear, embodied intelligence first and ground into something that’s uniquely meant for us and no one else.

Holding you Accountable and Sharing my Love and Firmness,