This specific Offering is for Men

who desire to be Seen and be held Accountable by other Men

with the intention of being Self-Reliant in their Life and eventually leading a group of their own.

Until I was 38, I didn’t allow real Men in my life that held me Accountable.

Before then, I hung out with man-boys.

Instead of owning our cocks, we flaunted our energetic breasts and vaginas to appear safe to the community..

I was easily offended and lived a top-heavy life cut off from my balls.

I had rejected my Father since I was 13 years-old and wasn’t able to recognize his simplistic Male magnificence that had been staring me in the face for all those years.

I didn’t know what having a real male friend meant. I didn’t know why I needed one.

I was offended when a Man came into my environment.  I could only project the “slimy, manipulative, self-serving, bastard who only wanted sex” because I bought into the bullshit narrative that keep men from owning their power in a healthy way.

I did everything I could to be accepted by every single woman in my life and appeased all of them. I was fucking miserable, hated my life, hated myself.  Not surprisingly I was “slimy, manipulative, dishonest, etc.” with my own desires and intentions especially around sex and would use my energy as a bargaining tool to get sex from women.

After I exposed the reality of this, I leveled-up and I realized that I needed real Men in my Life who held me accountable to myself and would call me out.

I inquired into my Masculinity and made amends with my Father.  I began to love, accept, recognize, and understand his uncompromising unconditional-loving, firm, sailor-mouthed, cigar-smoking self and all of his quirks.

I called out all my co-dependency.

I started owning myself, my wants, my power as a Man and seeing all the ways I comprised.

For over two years, I simultaneously supported and received support from other men. I lead a Men’s Group and was part of another Men’s Group.

Then I realized how much nourishment this one piece has brought to my life and feel called to lead other men in doing the same for themselves.

Once we begin to cultivate safety in our own bodies as Men, we need to put ourselves out there and plant our seeds regardless of who the fuck disagrees with us and regardless of who supports and loves us deeply. There’s no other option then to Plant Our Truth In the World in whatever form that takes for you as a man.

Seeing other men do this, supporting other men in their process, and being supported in this way is key to cultivating and refining this deeply potent part of being a Male on the Earth today. And this is not only for ourselves, this work will ultimately lovingly impact and support the health of the community — meaning the Women and Children in your Life.

There is a deep need for Men to be together and to encourage our inherent self-reliance.

You’re invited…so show the fuck up!

Contact me and let me know why you want to join.


(Men’s Groups are limited to 5 guys and calls last 1.5-2 hours.)