The Mentorship I offer is grounded in the experiences that I have lived through:

  • Daily embodiment practices
  • Owning and running a farm in Wisconsin
  • A 14-year marriage that ended in divorce
  • Raising my 9-year old son
  • Overcoming a 17 year pornography addiction
  • Leading and participating in Mens groups
  • Working with Men and Women 1-on-1
  • Exploring my ancestry and relationship to Earth below my feet in both my daily life and in deep ritual
  • Working in corporate America as a software developer
  • Loosing my Grandmother
  • Retaining my Semen
  • Working successfully through digestive and health issues
  • Working with all kinds of coaches, guides, and attending every workshop you might imagine…and coming to realize I’m my own best guide
  • Deeply exploring Masculinity and Femininity

These experiences and others not mentioned, are my internal and integral map that I always carry with me and what I bring when we work together.

These experiences are waiting as patient seeds that sprout up when needed and dynamite the concrete of your prejudices or caress your vulnerabilities and wounds like iridescent hummingbird tail feathers — all with the magical intention to feel and feed your great Aliveness. Almost like great high-altitude Mountain Rains that eventually come rushing and crashing back into the parched, over-heated arroyos of your Body.

This Mentorship includes

  • – one weekly 1.5-2 hour call over zoom
  • – reading your journal and offering feedback and support in the form of
    • – observations of in-the-world actions you commit to
    • – exposing ways you’ve compromised yourself and leak energy
    • – guiding you in owning your unique style of embodiment revealed in our Grounding Work Session
  • – grounding and manifesting embodiment practices that I have directly experienced, refined, and use in my daily life
  • – challenges that You choose and I hold you accountable to
  • a feeling of play and not taking everything so seriously
  • – an aligned Mushroom, Flower, and/or Weather essence combination to initiate your energy over the course of a lunar cycle
  • a physical handmade gift from me that inspires the alchemy of your intention + your essence + your purpose + your values

A Grounding Session is a prerequisite before engaging in Mentorship

All your





longings, wants, desires, needs

self-judgements, self-hatred, and hatred


shame and insecurity

and anything else that maybe there or arise between us

are welcome….everything is welcome.

I’m not above any of this, I’m in it as well.